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Model application

REFINE FUKUOKA and PORTAL FUKUOKA are looking for models who can belong to this photo session. It doesn't matter if you have shooting experience. We are looking for someone who has a sense of responsibility and can enjoy working together.


 Thank you for your interest in the model of this photo session.Before applying for the photo opposition, I wrote a little about the requests regarding the photo opposition and what happened after I belonged to the photo opposition, so please take a look at it, although it is a long sentence.At this photo session, I hope that you will enjoy your activities and earn a salary while fulfilling your awareness and responsibility as a model.And, although it is a personal request, I strongly hope that you will find something fun and rewarding other than getting a salary. Even after I quit the photo session, I hope that the activities here will be useful in some way. For that purpose, the model who belonged to us will support as much as possible in management. If you have any questions, don't put up with it and don't worry about it.I hope that you will make use of your experience at the photo session and play an active role in the modeling business, the actor business, or even if you get a job.



Awareness and responsibility as a photo session model

The photo session model is a "work" that provides value and receives compensation. It is only possible to provide value that is worth the price. I think that the value that can be provided differs depending on each model. By its very nature, this job is completely irreplaceable. You can't do it with anyone else, you can only do it yourself. There are also cameramen who participate from afar using the Shinkansen all the way. The loss of the cameraman who was looking forward to the photo session early in the morning when he suddenly found out that the model could not participate for some reason was immeasurable. There are situations where you feel sick or unavoidable, and since you are a human being, you may make mistakes such as oversleeping, but if you are aware of it, you should be able to recognize that it is not a light thing. If you feel unwell, please contact the management the day before or even in the middle of the night. The cameraman who is planning to participate will be notified by the model that he is in poor physical condition, and by what time he will be able to see the situation and communicate with each other to minimize the loss of the cameraman.


A person who disregards a person's time or money is a person who has the ability to receive compensation but is not eligible to receive compensation.


You can take measures such as going to bed slowly and early the day before the photo session, or adjusting the schedule with plenty of time. There is no quota such as how many times a month you have to go out, so you don't have to forcibly schedule a photo session. If you are busy with another job or study, you can concentrate on it at all. Please adjust your schedule and participate within a reasonable range.

Operation of SNS

I'm sorry that this is due to lack of power as a photo session, but the model's SNS will be the main axis of opportunity for the cameraman to know the model and get interested. In reality, the ideal situation is that many people will know about it just by announcing it on the photo session account, but it is still far from the ideal situation, so I'm sorry, but please cooperate. We will do our best to support you so that you will be aware of it as much as possible, so we hope that you will actively move your model account. I'll leave the muttering content to you. Feel free to mutter unless it is abusive or clearly intentionally offensive. If you don't know how to operate it, let's think about it together.

About filling the frame

Even if you make an announcement, SNS, or make an effort on a regular basis, the frame may not be filled. Insufficient management power. I'm sorry. Even if the frame of the photo session is not filled, please do not deny yourself. To be honest, I think there are some things that are not suitable for photo sessions. For example, even though the frame wasn't filled up at the photo session, I was addicted to fashion-related work, and when I tried acting, it shined outstandingly. I think there are many things. While making the best use of each model's characteristics as much as possible, we will consider the operation of PR and SNS together so that the cameraman wants to shoot, but if the frame is still not filled, never pessimistic and confident. I don't want you to lose it. Not filling the frame of the photo session is not equal to being worthless. If you think you might be able to play an active part at another photo session, you can transfer at all.

About work other than photo session

If it becomes popular as a model or the number of followers increases, I think that the number of job requests other than photo sessions will increase. For example, a salon model or a magazine model. Feel free to do this kind of work. If you find yourself in a situation where you can concentrate on modeling other than the photo session, please graduate from the photo session and play an active role. Please digest only the dates for which reservations have been made. Above all, I am glad that the number of models who are active in this photo session will increase. However, while you belong to this photo session (only for REFINE FUKUOKA), please be sure to make a request for portrait photography through the photo session in the form of request photography.


And, I think there are pros and cons to this, but at this photo session, you are free to take pictures. It's difficult to define a work, but it's about taking a work with a friend's photographer, a professional who is so great that the model can pay the cameraman, and a person who loves and can take wonderful pictures. It is up to the model to decide whether to shoot.

About during the photo session

Beginners who are completely new to shooting can also come to the photo session. Whether or not even such a person can shoot smoothly is also the power of the model. You don't have to learn how to operate the camera, but I like what kind of photos you want to take, whether you like a fun atmosphere, a cool atmosphere, a natural feeling, or a built-in feeling. If you don't understand, please actively communicate and ask. It doesn't matter if you stick to your own style without matching the cameraman. Provide value in your own way.

About data after shooting

At this photo session, how to handle the data after shooting is left to the model. Some models ask photographers to post anything on SNS, while others ask the model to check it before posting. I'll leave it to you.


In my opinion, don't rate a photo just because it's face-filled or not. It's hard to understand your own value, and even if you think it's not good for you, it may be appreciated by others. I think it's one of the fun things to see when you entrust your evaluation to others. Of course, you may not post photos that have apparently white eyes or strange faces.


There is no such thing as a person you want, but you should be able to say hello, keep time, make clear factions and not make the whole atmosphere worse, and work with the minimum etiquette as a human being and be aware of it. We hope that you will enjoy the photo session and be active while having a good time.


18,000円 × 5枠埋まった場合
25,000円 /

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